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enableHR Tactical Release 2022.10.14



Fix to Open Document checklist step for opening Word documents

Background (FT-3140)

When users try to complete the open document checklist step, they encountered an issue when the checklist step linked to a Word document. 

The document would download in a broken state. 


After the fix, any word document linked to a checklist 'Open Document' checklist step will download as expected.

  • Fix to System help messages will remain dismissed after users acknowledges the message
  • Various security fixes and enhancements


Xero Integration - 'Disconnect' button will remove authentication tokens that are getting 403 errors

Background (FT-3257)

There are scenarios where users trying to re-connect to Xero that receive stack trace error messages when they try to reconnect and setup their xero connection.

This stops the admin user and our support users from being able reconnect to the client’s Xero account. Which places the Xero connection is a limbo state where there is no disconnect option and cannot be reconnected either.


We made enhancements to the Disconnect button on Xero to now pick up when we store a Xero connector token against our database but there is no active Xero API connection. The below logic now applies:

  • if there is a xero token in the DB, but no active Xero connection - the Disconnect button will show

  • if the Disconnect button is clicked, this should remove the Xero authentication token to allow the user to try and connect to Xero to get a fresh authentication token once more

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