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enableHR Tactical Release 2022.09.23



Alert tab now respecting alert subscriptions

Background (FT-3122)

Users can update or edit existing alert subscriptions to control what types of alerts the user can receive.

However, some users found that if they unsubscribe from all alerts, the user still had the unsubscribed alerts in the Alert tab list.


The code is updated to now dynamically change the list of alerts based on if the user subscribed to the alert, the alerts relating to this subscription will be hidden in the list. 


Enhancement of module restrictions to alerts

Background (FT-3133)

We have various alerts built into the system designed to keep our users informed on changes to their worker documentation and WHS items.



We updated the alerts code to more consistently reinforce the module permission the user has. When a contractor manager subscribes to their alerts, they will receive the list of alerts for the records that they have access to based on the module permissions.

Xero Integration emails now reduced 

Background (FT-3149)

Recently, we updated all of our Xero integration emails to only send out to users with XeroEmails user permission. This was done with the intention to only send out emails to users who need to be notified of errors that may be occurring with their Xero integration.


Only users with the "Xero Integration Emails" user role will be able to receive the Xero integration email that provides an overview of the errors received in the last sync period.

See below for example of the email that our users will receive


OPR in eSS sometimes hitting 403 error and not saving comments

Background (FT-3143)

While completing the performance review process in self service, intermittently a 403 error popped up which stopped comments from saving until the user reloaded the page. 


We enhanced the OPR eSS code to address the underlying cause of the 403 error. In the edge case a user hits this 403 error message, the error message is now more meaningful. 

  • Various security fixes and enhancements
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