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enableHR Tactical Release 2022.09.02



Fix to Role List report behaviour

Background (FT-2921)

We have a Role List report for Training Management that allows users to report on Training roles and the worker records that have these roles assigned to them.

There was behaviour where if a training role was assigned to a worker, then removed, the role will still show under this report even though this worker record no longer has this role assigned to them.


We updated the report code to only retrieve records that have actively assigned training roles.

Now as soon as the user adds or removes a training role from a worker record, the Role List report will display the expected results.


ESS Objective title field validation

Background (FT-3099)

If the objective title entered into eSS is >255 characters in size, the objective will not function as expected if the manager user attempts to approve the objective coming from self service. The error message similar to below is received.



We updated the self service objective title field to have built in validations that will stop the self service user from submitting the objective if the title is > 255 characters in length.


Terminating status for worker records not showing on the search function

Background (FT-2923)

We have a record status to show that an employee has submitted their resignation or will be leaving the business on a certain date called ‘Terminating’. Employees with Terminating employment status are still current and active users until the last date of termination.

Employee records in Terminating status is unable to be searched for using the employee listing search function and the self service message tool.


We updated the searching tools to include the Terminating status and now employees in terminating status will be able to found in the employee list search and the Self Service Message search as expected.

Approvals tab heading filters not working as expected

Background (FT-3078)

For clients using the Position Management and Position Approval functionality, there is a new tab that will appear in the Employment Management module.


However, when the user clicks any of these headings, it will only filter the results by the date columns.


All the Approval tab headings can now be filtered by the alpha-numerical ascending/descending order.

Note timezone for NZ not displaying full timezone (NZST, NZDT) 

Background (FT-2922)

User time zones can be updated to reflect where the user accessing the account is located.



If the user profile has the timezone, the notes and other parts of the system will show the correct timezones. The full timezone is now displaying on the worker record note section.


Self Service Approval emails intermittently not sending out 

Background (FT-3103)

We have a scheduled job that sends out emails about any self service approval updates from self service users that were requested since the last time the job ran.

This job would stall when processing certain accounts generating exception errors. When the job stalled it stop processing any pending change requests from accounts that would come after the account that had the exception.


We enhanced this self service approval email job to be more robust when there are exception errors thrown, to no longer fail. Now when encountering an exception error, the job will continue onto the next request rather than stalling.

  • Various security fixes and enhancements
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