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Checklists - How to initiate for an individual


In the Employee Management module, enableHR has three workflows to reflect the different stages of the employee lifecycle. 


How to initiate a checklist against an employee

Click on the relevant workflow for the relevant stage of the lifecycle: Pre-employment; Employee Management; Termination.


A pop-up box will appear on your screen listing all the checklists available within that employment workflow. Click on the + next to the checklist you need to complete.

This example is for a Pre-employment Documentation Checklist:


Select Initiate/Commence if you need to create a new checklist.

Select Resume if you need to complete a checklist you’ve already started.


Select the relevant employee record within the Employees tab. The checklist should now be launched against the relevant employee record.

You will be prompted to complete each step in the checklist in turn. To complete each step, click on the buttons down the right-hand side of the checklist steps.


- If you need further context or information on how to complete a step, please click on the Info button. A pop-up message will appear.

- Some steps are compulsory (for legal reasons) where you will not be permitted to move to the next step until the compulsory step is completed. 

- Other steps will be optional and can be skipped. The final steps within the checklist will prompt you to complete and close the checklist. We recommend you complete all steps.

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