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enableHR Tactical Release 2022.08.15



WHS Risk Register self service view formatting issue

Background (FT-2920)

When a risk register item is created within the account, the eSS user can see these if they have access to the branch in which they are located.

While all the information was available, the formatting of the information displaying in eSS was not the best from a UX perspective.



These risk registers now display in a much improved format for our self service users.



Errors loading invoices/statements

Background (FT-3084)

Our users report receiving an intermittent error message that occurs when trying to send out emails or leave notes on records.

The error message “Error: Nothing to Display“ appears with no additional information.


When the user refreshes the page they are on the error message will be removed and the action they were trying to perform will be completed. eg. if a user is trying to create a note, if they receive the error message, but the note is still left on the record.


We found in the examples provided to us by users, that the action usually completes (email sends out, note is left, etc) even though the “Error: Nothing to Display“ message appears.

We updated this message to be the following:

Error: No response received from server, however, your action may have still processed. Please refresh your browser page or try again.

  • Legacy SEEK integration screens removed


New "Xero Integration Emails"user role to opt-in/opt-out users from receiving all Xero integration emails

Background (FT-2924)

Users with the Account Administration > update permission received the Xero integration emails that send out once every 3 hours. This permission is available to any user that has the Account Admin user access role.



We created a new permission just for the Xero integration emails (errors, conflicts, and imports/exports) that run every 3 hours and created Xero Integration Emails user access role. User with this new user access role will receive these emails, and those without this user role, will not receive these Xero emails.

See how to add or remove this from your user in this article.


Xero Integration - Warning message when changing integration settings

Background (FT-3066)

We received feedback from our users and support team that sometimes our account administrator users within accounts make changes to the Xero integration settings without understanding the potential impact to their employee data - specifically duplicating the employee data.


We implemented the following warning message whenever the admin user tries to un-check the below fields.


When the user tries to un-tick any of the fields for ‘Merge Employees by Name and Date of Birth (or Post code)’ or ‘Merge Candidates by Name and Date of Birth (or Post code)’ throw a warning message as a pop-up “Warning: these settings are setup like this by default, any changes to this may duplicate your employee/candidate records. Deletion of duplicate records may result in additional charges”. Do you want to continue?

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