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Company HR Documents - Overview


Just as individual employees might have historical HR documents that need to be uploaded against their own HR record, you probably also have company documents that you want your managers and employees to be able to access via the Management Portal and/or the Self-Service Portal.

enableHR stores three main types of company HR documents:

  1. Policies - for current workplace policies
  2. General Docs - for general workplace documents such as general forms, guides,
    organisational charts, etc.
  3. Library and Awards - for any Awards or Enterprise Bargaining Agreements you have.

These documents are stored in a centralised document management area. You can restrict who has access to which documents by linking documents to branches.
By default, a document in the centralised document management area is linked to all branches in the account, but this link can be limited to specific list of branches. When a document is limited to certain branches, only the managers who have access to one of these branches will see the document.

In the example shown, manager Chris has access to all documents while manager Emma can only access the orange document.


What we have just described for managers is also true for employees: an employee who logs in through the Self-Service Portal (eSS) can only see a Company HR document if this document is linked to at least one branch to which the employee is attached.
In this example, employee Beth can only see the green documents, employee Adam can see all the documents, and employees Amanda and Andrew can only see the orange document. Access is all a matter of which people and which documents are linked to each branch.




To upload your company documents, see the relevant article below:

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