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Micropay/Meridian API - Missing Employee Position Titles?



If you have the activated the enableHR to Meridian Integration (via API) you must ensure you must ensure that you keep your employee position titles sync'd with your enableHR account. Otherwise enableHR will not be able to identify any new position titles that have been added to Micropay/Meridian.

The process to bring across any new position titles (known as 'Job Classifications' in Micropay/Meridian), is similar to this article.


When do you need to complete this action

When you initially setup the Micropay/Meridian Integration with enableHR you will need to complete the actions laid out below.

If you ever add a new Job Classification value to Micropay/Meridian you should maintain this list in enableHR and complete the actions laid out below 


Step 1

1. Click on "Settings" in the top right hand corner.

2. Click on “Account Settings". 

3. Select the “Payroll Mapping” tab and then click “Import Web API Values”.

Once the import completes, you will see the missing position titles displaying in the list under the "Job Classification" section.


Step 2 

Contact the Client Support team to provide you your user with temporary access to pull data from your Micropay/Meridian account for employees that do not have their Job Positions displaying in enableHR. 


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