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enableHR Tactical Hotfix 2021.06.12



Pending Self Service approvals from candidate not applying to converted employee record if approved after conversion

Background (ENAB-4683)

Self service approval requests can be made in eSS from candidate users. These will be staged under the self service approval tab in manager view and flagged as a staged approval for a candidate record.

A bug came up recently when the candidate was converted into an employee BEFORE the pending self service approvals were approved.

These payroll related pending self service approval requests sent through from the candidate’s eSS did not update the new employee record once the changes were approved, instead they updated the inactive candidate profile.

This meant that the data needed to be re-entered in the new employee record.


We updated the code to check for any staged data that is still pending approval for the candidate.

Now if the candidate is converted to an employee, via a checklist or manually, the pending Self service approvals will add to the employee record once approved.

System Optimisation

Optimisation of the user login code and branch-user connections

Background & Update (ENAB-3785)

This is a quality of life improvement for our users. We increased the caching capabilities and the efficiency of the login code. Now manager users should experience quicker login to their list of employees (especially for accounts with complex branch structures).

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