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Integrating with Care Systems - FAQ


Care Systems has built a connector with enableHR which allows for the sharing of some enableHR employee data.

This article lists a number of frequently asked questions that clients have asked when setting up the integration with Care Systems. 


Does enableHR integrate with Care Systems?

Yes, this integration is available via a connector created by Care Systems.


How does it work?

The PDF document attached via the link at the base of this article describes what information is synchronised in what direction between the systems.

Please Note: Care Systems is currently upgrading their connector to include additional fields. This PDF document will be updated once the updates to the connector goes live.


How can I set up the integration?

As this connector was built and is managed by Care Systems, you will need to contact Care Systems directly for support in how to use it and set it up. enableHR is not be able to help with this set up.


I have an issue with data not syncing, who do I contact (enableHR or Care Systems)?

As this connector was built and is managed by Care Systems, you will need to contact Care Systems for technical support. 


The main contact for support with the enableHR connector can be found below: 

Care System Support Contact

Name: Solutions Team



Does Care Systems charge a fee for this integration?

Please contact Care Systems to confirm.


Is it 2-way integration?

No, the integration is not 2-way.

Only a couple of fields push data from Care Systems to enableHR (as detailed in the PDF attached), otherwise data is pushed from enableHR to Care Systems.

These fields are:

  1. Person ID (maps to enableHR's Employee ID field) and,
  2. Private Key (maps to enableHR's employee External ID field)

Is the 2-way integration automated? 

The integration is on-demand, not automated. There should be an “import from enableHR” button in Care Systems to bring across your employee data from enableHR to Care Systems.


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