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enableHR Tactical Release 2021.04.08


Xero sync bugfix - Change how Xero Export errors (Super membership XXXXXXXXX is being referenced and can't be deleted) are handled by the system

Background (ENAB-3714)

Clients with Xero connections active would receive this error message: Xero Export errors (Super membership XXXXXXXXX is being reference and can't be deleted) intermittently.

This prevented these select employees from being exported to Xero.




In finding the solution to this issue, we identified an existing bug on Xero's side where Xero keeps changing the unique ID for a superfund membership when a membership is added. Because of this, our copy of the superfund membership is stale.

Provided we have experience with Xero on their turn-around for bugfixes on their end. We worked on a solution that would handle these cases that cause this error. 


New validations (dev notes):

We preemptively check for references within the Xero Payload. We check if the SuperMembership value is referenced in either of the below:

  • Employee/OpeningBalances/SuperLines

  • Employee/PayTemplate/SuperLines

We check the Xero API values SuperMembershipID or uniqueSuperFundId when determining  equivalence between enableHR and Xero.

  • If there are multiple match, we do not send any change for the given SuperMembership. Instead, log an error and email.

  • We do not change SuperMembershipIDs when we export to Xero.

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