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9.16 enableHR Tactical Release (04 March 2021)



WHS record reports data displaying as RecordId number not record names 

Background (ENAB-3497)

We noticed that any field in the WHS record that links a worker record (employee, contractor, etc) will show the internal record UUID instead of the record name. This was found for both CSV and HTML versions.


We updated the code to recognise when there is a RecordId, it will pull the record name/title and include it in the reports (HTML & CSV). For HTML report the RecordId is still provided but only as part of a hyperlink to the record holder.


Self Service Messages Report not produce results with the correct date range

Background (ENAB-3596)

We received feedback from our clients that if the client selected individual users to send the self service message out to, this will not show in the report and does not generate any data.



We addressed this issue by updating the code to no longer provide an empty value for the UserMessageRecipient field. This will now return a branch value so the report will generate as expected in both HTML and CSV formats.


Users were not being stopped when the email attachments exceed environment filesize limit

Background (ENAB-3646)

We received feedback that users were not receiving emails with attached documents sent out via their enableHR accounts.

The emailed attachments that our clients were sending out via enableHR, were larger than our environment size and larger than what the external email client could receive. This meant that these emails did not send correctly and would return undelivered mail to our system inbox.


We updated our system to restricts the user's ability to send out files larger than the environment filesize of 21.5MB.

There is now a message that pops-up advising the user that the “total attachments exceed 21.5 MB in size. Kindly compress the documents and reattach to this email, or send the documents separately.


Get Help > Video Tutorials links to old content, need to update to YouTube pages

Background (ENAB-3665)

There is a link to Video tutorials from the top menu bar under Get Help > Video Tutorials. This link was broken and asking users to login again.


We updated this to link to where our videos are now stored on the YouTube channel.


Missing eSS Task Instruction

Background (ENAB-3639)

Tasks can be created either via a checklist or via a record. When creating a task, you are able to provide task instructions.

We received feedback that the task instructions were not showing in (1) the email sent to the user or (2) the task list under the task tab, only the Task Title


We applied a fix that added the task instructions to the task instruction field of the email and the task tabs.

Now the users will be provided the instructions in the email as well (rather than just the task title).



Features & Enhancements

Update KRA Group Results report to CSV format

Background (FEAT-799)

Our KRA Group Results report was available in HTML format only


Continuing from the work in 9.11 enableHR Tactical Release, this report can now be generated in CSV format.


Update KRA Results report to CSV format

Background (FEAT-798)

Our KRA Group Results report was available in HTML format only.


Continuing from the work in 9.11 enableHR Tactical Release, this report can now be generated in CSV format.


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