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enableHR Guide: How to Introduce enableHR to Your Team Guide


Launching any new product or service within a business has its challenges – and that’s normal! Some team members may find it hard to adapt to change, while others simply don’t know enough about enableHR to see how much easier it can make their lives. After helping thousands of businesses introduce enableHR, we created this Guide to help you educate and inform your team. Inside this Guide is everything you need to help you successfully introduce enableHR to your people and launch it within your business.

It sets out best-practice ways to get your staff excited and ready to start using the system. It includes a recommended process that has been proven to work, as well as a range of communications templates that you can freely edit and use. It also describes the actions you need to take in order to give your employees access to the Self-Service Portal (also called eSS).

TIP:  You can announce the upcoming launch of enableHR whilst you are still in the process of setting of your enableHR account (as per the tasks set out in the enableHR On-Boarding & Account Set Up Guide).

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