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8.34.10 enableHR Tactical Release (05 March 2020)


Urgent: eSS Competency/Training Process and Alerts (RCP)

Background (FEAT-528)

There was a scenario where if an eSS user were to add a competency through Self Service, they could select the available competency but not provide any additional information (which would designate the competency as Missing)


The way they would do this was to hit the above page and click out of it (by clicking anywhere on the greyed out screen or clicking the (X) button) which meant the user wouldn't be pushed through to the page to update the competency with data (that update being the change that would trigger a notification to the Account Admin / Self Service Admin).

This would result in the competency being added but no notification to go out to the Account Admin / Self Service Admin asking them to approve / reject the change.

This resulted in eSS users having the ability to add any number of competencies to their profile and have it not be validated by the Account Admin / Self Service Admin which would then impact reporting statistics and data validity.


Moving forward, as a Self Service User, when you add a competency through Self Service, you will no longer see the above screen.

Instead, as soon as you elect to add a competency to your profile, it will go straight into the next screen which prompts the user to add details:


Please note: the user will still be able to click on the grey area on the screen and close the window or click the (X) on that screen to close the screen but what we’re hoping for is that the Self Service user would see the options displayed on the screen and be naturally prompted to provide details thereby avoiding the original scenario.

Self Service Bulk Approval

Background (FEAT-207)

This has been a long standing feature request to provide a much needed “quality of life” improvement to our Self Service Approvals.

Before, where you had Self Service Approvals (changes made by workers in eSS that needed to be approved by Account Admins or Self Service Admins), the changes would need to approve/reject each item line by line (one by one) which would be quite administratively tedious.


We have now released a new feature to allow Bulk Approval / Rejection of Self Service Changes.

Bank, Tax and Super details blank in eSS, but show as intended in core HRA cloud

Background (ENAB-3369)

There was a issue specific to certain clients where if they had Xero Integration, on eSS, their Bank, Tax and Super details pages would appear blank if there was any data stored there. (if there was no data for any of the fields, the page would display)


This front-end issue has now been fixed and the relevant pages will display even if data is stored for those clients.

N/A option cannot be saved & comments must be added before N/A option could be selected

Background (ENAB-3363)

There was an issue during the OPR process where if you selected the “N/A” option, it wouldn’t save your answer (despite saying “Saved”) and the N/A selection would end up blank (but it would let you continue). Additionally, if you selected the “N/A” option during the OPR process, you wouldn’t be able to leave comments. You would have to leave the comments first before clicking “N/A” before it would work properly.


This issue has now been fixed.

The “N/A” option will now work and you don’t need to do leave a comment in any particular order in order for it to work.


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