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8.34.8 enableHR Tactical Release (19 February 2020)


Clients who don't use Xero or Open API have Employment Basis and Residency Status in their self service area.

Background (ENAB-3358)

We were advised of an issue impacting all Self Service logins where the fields which should not be visible in the Personal Details page would appear when an eSS user was trying to update their details.

These fields were the employment and residency fields which related to functionality we are in the process of developing and refining.



We’ve now fixed it so that these fields will no longer show when eSS users login:


(OPR) ability to remove "N/A" as an option for OPR

Background (FEAT-254)

Historically, in our Online Performance Review module, each KRA (Key Result Area) would give the assessor / assessee the option of selecting “N/A” (even if “N/A” is not explicitly specified in the Rating Scale).  This is because the “N/A” option was hard-coded into the OPR process.

Clients have requested the flexibility in choosing whether or not to include “N/A” as an option as “N/A” isn’t always applicable in every situation (Additionally, it would be counter-intuitive to allow assessees to pick N/A if they’re supposed to provide a legitimate answer).


We’ve now released a new flag on every KRA and the KRA creation form:


By default, this flag will always be set to TRUE (to maintain existing behaviour).

If you wish to have a copy of our KRAs where N/A is not an option or if you wish to create your own custom KRA without N/A as an option, you will need to copy our inherent KRAs onto your account and leave the flag as FALSE (unticked) or create their own custom KRAs where the flag is FALSE (unticked)

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