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8.34.6 enableHR Tactical Release (28 January 2020)


[Record Management] Remove the option of selecting ‘Deleted’ from the record.employeeStatus field

Background (FEAT-667)

As per our article on release 8.34.4, we released FEAT-647 which updated the warning screens for when records were deleted but we received feedback that this could be by-passed if a user chose to change the status of the record to 'Deleted' in the Status: field.

This would mark the record as 'Deleted' in the same manner as if you delete the record through the dedicated Delete button without displaying the updated warning screen.


We have since removed the option to select 'Deleted' from the Status: field in any applicable records where it existed.

Moving forward, clients can now only delete a record using the Delete button under More Actions:


This ensures that users will always encounter the warning screen whenever they try to delete a record.

Add option to unlink positions from candidates

Background (FEAT-651)

Within our system, you have the ability to link an approved position to a candidate to indicate that a candidate is intended to eventually fill this position.

There was an issue where if a position had been incorrectly assigned in you error or needed to be changed, the system didn’t have any means to let you do that.

Once a position had been set against a candidate, there was no visible function in the user interface to allow users to be able to remove it or update it.


We’ve now added the functionality to remove a linked position by editing the record form and clicking the (X) next to the position field:



Improvement on Org Chart Report - Identify which employee records ARE NOT in the org chart

Background (FEAT-463)

We have the Organisational Chart Report which is designed to allow users to produce a table based report which shows how your organisational chart has been configured in the system.

Unfortunately, the report did not display records who were not a part of the defined Org Chart meaning that if clients had records not yet reporting to someone or that have been taken out of the Org Chart (temporarily or otherwise), they would be missing in the Org Chart.


The report has now been updated to offer clients the option (prior to generating the report) to show records not in the organisational chart:


If ticked, when the report generates, there will be a new section at the bottom which will display any records that are not reporting into someone within the current Org Chart:


Please note: this option is best selected by users who are account administrators or have access to all branches / records so that the information in this list is the most comprehensive it can be. The list does account for whether or not a user has access to see certain records and therefore, users with limited or lesser access may not see the entire list of records not in the Org Chart.


Update EHR & ESS Colours for consistency with new website

Background (ENAB-3360)

As we now have an updated website, minor visual changes were required to the colour scheme of our application to match the new theme and visual direction of the application.


Certain buttons on the application have had their colours updated to match the hues of the updated website.


Objectives do not show any information when submitted in eSS and pending approval

Background (ENAB-3345)

We were advised of an issue where the Objectives submitted via eSS were not displaying with any details in the eSS side:



This has now been fixed and Objectives submitted through Self Service will now display the details submitted:




Organisational Chart not restricting access

Background (ENAB-3258)

This was an issue noticed where accounts had an established Organisational Chart and used Organisational Chart Restrictions.

With Organisational Chart Restrictions, users are restricted to only being able to see records that report to them (direct reports) or records for people reporting to their direct reports.

It was advised that if a record was removed from the Org Chart (made to not report to anyone or what we refer to as orphaned), the record (and anyone that reports to them) would be visible to everyone even if they had Organisational Chart Restrictions turned on.


The Organisational Chart Restrictions functionality has now been changed so that if a record is taken out of the Org Chart (orphaned), they are now no longer visible to anyone who has Org Chart Restrictions turned on.

Only users without Organisational Chart Restrictions (and branch access to where the records are stored) will be able to see the records and rectify the situation by putting the records back into the Org Chart where they belong (if applicable).

These users (without Organisational Chart Restrictions) would in most cases be Account Administrators or users with account-wide access so this has been assessed to pose the least amount of risk.

Wrong characters (%2F) are showing on the checklist when completed

Background (ENAB-1615)

We’ve had a long standing issue where when a checklist is completed, if the checklist had drop down type steps in it, it would display any special characters within the drop-down's selected value with HTML / ASCII characters in it.

As an example, we had a client who had a custom version of the Approval to Recruit checklist. In their version, they had a number of drop-down type steps in it to capture and provide information prior to seeking approval.

One of the drop-downs allowed selection of a value with the "/" symbol in it. When you closed out the checklist, the static value displayed would show as "%2F” which is the designation for the "/" symbol in code form.


Moving forward, closed off checklists will now be displayed differently from how they used to display. The checklist will be greyed out and any drop-down type steps will show the drop-down icon with the selected value but greyed-out indicating that no further changes could be applied:


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