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How can I recover a deleted branch?


Deleting a branch 

This article provides guidance on how to delete a branch in enableHR and what to do if you have accidentally deleted a branch.  Please note the process of recovering a deleted branch may incur fees for the time taken by our Development team to restore the branch.

Note: Deleting a branch will impact all the current records under it. It is advised to proceed with caution.  


How to delete a branch? 

BEWARE:  Please keep in mind that deleting a branch will delete the branch and will archive all of the data contained within it.  It is therefore important that you first review all the current worker records under this branch and transfer these records to other branches (if needed).  You can refer to this article on how to manage this transfer process: How do I transfer an employee to a different branch?.

1.  Go to "Account Settings" located on the top right corner of the dashboard.


2.  Click on the "Branches" tab.


Select the branch you wish to delete.

4.  Click on "Edit".



5.  Click on "Delete".



6.  Review and consider the below:

Records in this branch will be inaccessible once deleted.

7.  If you wish to delete, click on "Proceed" to complete this action. 




What if I accidentally delete a branch? 

Unfortunately, a deleted branch cannot be recovered by users.  You can however recover the worker records as per the below.

Can I recover the deleted branch? 

No, you cannot recover the deleted branch.

Can I recover the worker records stored within the deleted branch

Yes, the current records under the deleted branch can be accessed and transferred to another current branch.  You can follow this article to search for the current records from the deleted branch: Where do I find terminated, transferred or other non-current employees?. You will need to transfer the worker records manually one at a time. Note: "Read Only" records cannot be transferred (such as converted, merged, transferred records).

For deleted branches with a large number of worker records, enableHR can assist in recovering these records and transferring them to another branch at an extra cost. The cost is determined by the amount of records and branches that need to be recovered.  You will be provided with a quote and estimated time for completion for your approval prior to the commencement of the recovery process.

If this service is required, the types of information to provide to Client Experience is as follows:

  • Name of branch deleted and its "Integration API Key"
  • Number of worker records stored with the deleted branch
  • Which user deleted the branch?
  • What date was the branch deleted?
  • Why is it important that branch is restored?

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