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8.34.1 enableHR Tactical Release (05 December 2019)


(Global Messaging) "To:" field (Selected branch(es)) - layered branch display showing branches that user doesn't have access to

Background (ENAB-3316)

We noticed an issue when testing niche test cases for Self Service Messaging where if you had branches layered in a way where the layering reaches above 6 layers or above (Parent -> Child -> Child etc), the To Selected Branch(es): field would display branches to the user which they might not have explicit access to. This means that in that niche scenario, the user sending the message could send a message to a branch they didn't have access to. Considering the number of branch layers you would need to encounter this issue, we were confident that it wouldn't affect many of our clients but since we noticed this issue, it's best we proactively fix it now rather than need to fix it later when it does become a genuine issue.  The ability to see the branches within the eSS messaging tool does not mean that they also had access to any employee records within those branches.


Moving forward, users won’t be able to see any branches they don’t have explicit access to in the Self Service Messaging screen (no matter how far your branch layering goes).

Set Character Limitation for TFN values

Background (FEAT-639)

An issue was raised with us for clients using our Meridian Integration functionality whereby Self Service users (usually candidates) were able to input values and update the Tax File Number field with invalid characters. This usually came about in the form of spaces (" ") and hyphens ("-") that candidates would enter in order to mirror their TFN number wherever they are referencing it from.

As that data is sent through to payroll, it would cause unnecessary administrative strain on the payroll teams when they needed to chase up candidates for their correct TFN numbers when the TFN details would be cut off or rejected by the payroll system due to the invalid characters.


Moving forward, any clients who utilise our Meridian Integration functionality will now see the new feature which has the system automatically clean up the entry as the candidate enters it in.

For example, the candidate can try to enter in “123 456 782”, “123-456-782” or copy and paste the TFN into the field but the system will automatically clean it up as they enter it and take out any spaces or other invalid characters (-) thereby, limiting the data to 9 numerical digits (the system physically will not allow candidates to enter alphabetical characters, symbols or more than 9 numerical digits).

The only validation that the system will now have that generates an error message is the Australian Tax File Number validation (checking if the 9 digits entered follow the algorithm set out by the ATO) and if the candidate does not enter in a valid TFN, it will say “This field must contain a valid 9-digit TFN” (keyword there being “valid” according to the algorithm)

In summary: with this new "automatic clean up" function, there should be no chance of any candidates entering any invalid TFN with spaces, hyphens, alphabetical characters or sequences that don’t follow the Australian Tax File Number algorithm.

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