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enableHR-Xero 2-Way Integration: Limitations


This article lists the current limitations to the enableHR - Xero 2-way Connector.



  • Payroll Fields in eSS - The new functionality will allow for employees to see the payroll fields within their ESS portal, however, these updates are not currently supported. This is a temporary limitation which we expect to lift by the end of September 2019. Delivered in September 2019.


  • Export On-Demand - Data synchronisation between the two systems can happen automatically every 3 hours, via the scheduler, or on-demand via a "Proceed now" button. At this stage only the import on-demand process is available, not the export functionality from enableHR.  This is a temporary limitation which we expect to lift by the end of September 2019. Delivered on 11/09/2019.


  • New Zealand Integration - This integration only supports Australian versions of Xero. There is currently no version for New Zealand clients. This is a temporary limitation which we expect to lift in 2024.


  • One Xero Organisation Only - This integration only works between one and only one enableHR account and one and only one Xero organisation. You cannot connect several enableHR accounts to one Xero organisation, or one enableHR account to several Xero organisations. This is a permanent limitation.



  • Deleted Records - This integration synchronises the creation and update events for worker records. Delete records are not synchronised between enableHR and Xero.  This means that the record will need to be manually deleted in both systems.  This is a permanent limitation.



Synchronisation of Employee Details

  • "Termination Date" is never exported to Xero - If you terminate an employee in enableHR, you still need to terminate the employee in Xero.  This is a permanent limitation.


  • "Employment Basis" Field - The "Employment Basis" field imported from Xero is a tax related field and is not the same as the enableHR "Employment Type" field.  This is due to a limitation within Xero's functionality.  In effect, this means that the "Employment Type" fields will not be shared between both systems and therefore will require a manual update of their fields.  This is a permanent limitation.



  • Transferring Employees - Transferring an employee using the "Create a new copy" option is not supported as it conflicts with Xero process. This option will create a new employee record in enableHR and Xero.  The integration will however work for transfers that "Move everything". This is a permanent limitation.


      A workaround is to:

  1. In enableHR: Turn off Xero import and Xero export if applicable

  2. In enableHR: Transfer the employee in enableHR

  3. In Xero: Change the employee Group for this record (to the destination branch)

  4. In enableHR: Run Xero export

  5. In enableHR: Turn on Xero import and Xero export if applicable




Synchronisation of bank accounts

  • Number of Bank Accounts - The integration supports 4 bank accountsThis is a permanent limitation.



Synchronisation of Superannuation memberships

  • Self Managed Super Funds - Self managed super funds are not supported.
  • All SMSF's will be managed within Xero, we will accept it and it will become view only when in our system. We expect this new update to be implemented by the end of March 2023. Delivered February 2023
  • Non Regulated Super Funds are not supported as Xero doesn't allow them. In the event that a user enters a non Regulated Super Fund in enableHR or ESS, this Super Fund will not be exported to Xero.  This is a permanent limitation.



Synchronisation of Tax Details

    • Tax File Numbers - Xero only exports Tax File Numbers (TFN) masked (###-###-123). This is a permanent limitation.


    • Masked Tax File Numbers (for the Manager's view) - TFNs can be entered in enableHR. However, they always appear masked in enableHR for everyone except the employee, even if the clear version is stored in the database. This a legal requirement. This is a permanent limitation.


    • Clear Version Tax File Numbers (for the Employee's view) - If a TFN is stored in clear in the database, it will be visible in clear in ESS. This is a permanent limitation.
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