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How to Disconnect Xero Integration


Disconnect Xero Integration may need to be done in cases when you need to integrate your enableHR account with another Xero account instead. 

Or if the employee connected the integration is no long have an account in XERO. Your connection is then no longer active. You would need to follow the steps below. 


If you disconnect the integration from enableHR side then a clear disconnect with Xero will be made that you will not need to manually delete enableHR entry from the Xero application. This means that as soon as you click on ‘Disconnect from Xero’ in enableHR, the enableHR entry from Xero-Connected Apps will also be deleted automatically. 


1. Go to Settings on the top right of your page

2. Select Account Settings

3. Under Account Details go to the Integration tab

4. Click on Disconnect from Xero



As soon as you click on the “Disconnect from Xero” button in enableHR, the configuration settings continue to remain intact except for the automatic import/export checkbox.






Once the above is complete, you can MUST go to Xero and follow the steps below to confirm the disconnection is complete:

1. Go to Xero - Find the 9 dots on the right 

2. Click Manage app connections 
3. Click Connected Apps

4. If you see enableHR / HR Assured  is still listed as a connected app, you can click Disconnect from the list.

5. Please confirm again see below.


Once this is complete you can re-connect with XERO if required. 

Please follow this instructions below:



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