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How much does it cost to configure Single Sign-on (SSO)?



The set up for Authentication Only is something that users can set up on their own.  This is usually done by an organisation's IT team.

There will however will be costs involved if:

1.  There are configuration changes needed to support your authentication process.  For example, if you request a new set of default roles you want to assign to your users; or

2.  If you require full authorisation access to be managed through your own IdP.

Quotes on cost for these types of SSO customisations are based upon each individual case and requirements. The hours of work for configuration of SSO are dependent on the following:

  • your existing setup and Identity Provider to enable the authentication flow;

  • the mapping required to provide the right authority and access levels.

Please contact Client Support to request a quote for your SSO configuration.  We will provide you with the indicative costs and hours of work based upon your needs.

Please Note: For clients planning to use Microsoft Azure for Single Sign On, please be aware that there may be additional costs involved with upgrading your Azure subscription to the Premium offering before SAML Single Sign On is made available for Azure.

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