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Does Single Sign-On (SSO) work differently for core enableHR and Self Service (eSS) users?


Yes, it does! enableHR’s SSO is clever enough to work out if a user’s access gives them access to either (or both) of enableHR and eSS, and to take the user to the correct place.

This knowledge base article will explain how Single sign-on (SSO) works differently for users who have access to both enableHR and eSS, and employees who only have access to a Self-service profile.


SSO for enableHR users

Let's look at an example of how SSO will enhance the login experience for an HR manager with access to enableHR.

Meet Sophie, HR Manager at Globetrotter Limited

Sophie Tailor is an HR Manager at Globetrotters Limited. Today Sophie has come into work early to begin the on-boarding process for new starter, Amy Train. When she gets into the office she logs in to the company G-suite using her username and password. From her G-suite account homepage, she opens the “Apps” Active Directory and clicks on enableHR. This takes her directly to enableHR’s employment management landing page where Jane begins her work for the day in the onboarding checklist.



SSO for eSS users

Meet Amy Train, the new receptionist at Globetrotter Limited

On Amy’s first day, she receives an onboarding pack with instructions to login and activate her Globetrotter G-suite account. Once Amy has sorted her access, she needs to login to enableHR eSS to complete her onboarding tasks for the HR Manager, Sophie. From the directory of apps available in her G-suite account, Amy can see the enableHR app and clicks on this. Even though she has never logged into her eSS before, within moments she is re-directed to her eSS landing page to get started on her onboarding. As far as Amy knows, enableHR eSS is just another part of the integrated network of systems she can access as an employee.




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