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You're New to enableHR - Here's How to Kick Start Your Implementation Project


Getting started with enableHR and commencing your Implementation Project is straightforward, involving only 7 simple steps.  We look forward to working with you to deliver smarter workplace solutions to your business.


Step 1 - Welcome to enableHR

Keep an eye out for your welcome email

Within 48 hours after joining* enableHR, you will receive a welcome email confirming your log in credentials for your new HRIS software as well as the links to our 24/7 on-line help desk, enableHR's Knowledge Base.

*"Joining" generally means that you've signed your license agreement and paid the relevant subscription fees.  You will need to have also paid for the full cost of the implementation project up-front.


Step 2 - Your welcome call from enableHR

You will receive a welcome telephone call

Within a further 48 hours, you will receive a call from the Client Experience team providing you with a warm welcome to enableHR.  As part of the call, Client Experience will provide you with a high-level overview of enableHR's key services and will also schedule your kick off meeting with your dedicated Implementation Project Manager.


Step 3 - Get familiar with enableHR

Jump into the system and have a play!

We encourage you, and any other stakeholder who will be responsible for the set-up of your organisation's account, to jump into enableHR and have a play.  enableHR is user-friendly and you should therefore be able to navigate yourself around the platform with ease.  This will provide the richest form of learning at this early stage. 

We recommend that you create a dummy/testing branch and complete all test activities within this branch.  We also recommend that you create dummy employee records and take the time to manage them throughout all stages of their employee life-cycle.


Step 4 - Your kick off meeting with your dedicated Implementation Project Manager

Your opportunity to discuss your objectives and priorities as well as review the scope and budget for the project

For your kick off meeting, you will be speaking with your dedicated Implementation Project Manager.  The meeting should involve the stakeholders who will be responsible for the set-up and launch of enableHR across your organisation.

As part of meeting, you will:

  • Discuss the reasons as to why you've subscribed to enableHR;
  • Provide insights into how your organisation has historically managed HR;
  • Discuss any key priorities and time-frames;
  • Develop a project plan complete with tasks, responsibilities and due dates;
  • Discuss enableHR's project management and communication methodologies;
  • Review the configuration process from the instructions stage through to the build and test phases;
  • Review the scope and budget for the project;
  • Prepare the Project Initiation Document for your review and signature.

The duration for the kick off meeting is generally 30-60 minutes.


Step 5 - Your project management tools

Measure the performance of your project with enableHR's project management tools

Your Implementation Project Manager will thereafter provide you with your project plan which will confirm all the details and outcomes discussed in your kick off meeting.

You can share these project management tools with any of your internal stakeholders who are interested in the successful delivery of the project, for example the business owner, CEO or Department Head.  


Step 6 - Your enableHR capability demonstration

Become an expert on enableHR - The deeper your understanding, the more streamlined the configuration process will be!

Before diving into the detail of configuration, all enableHR projects start with a capability demonstration of enableHR's modules, features and capabilities.  The demonstration is designed to ensure that all stakeholders involved in the project have a comprehensive and deep understanding of exactly how enableHR can used to benefit your organisation.  It also provides an opportunity to ask any questions you may have in relation to specific parts of the software.

This is an important step in the commencement of your project because experience tells us that the deeper your understanding of enableHR, the more streamlined and successful the implementation of enableHR will be.


Step 7 - Your project commences

Once the project plan has been approved and your system knowledge is sufficient, your project officially commences.

Projects generally run for anywhere between 2-6 months depending the size and complexity of your needs.  Your Implementation Project Manager will provide regular project status reports for you to share with your interested stakeholders to assist in keeping everyone updated on the progress and success of the project. 

It is important to note that we do not allow for projects to be placed on-hold and for the project completion to extend beyond 6 months.


Step 8 - Your project closes

Client Experience is your main point of contact

Once your project has closed, Client Experience will be your main point of contact going forward.  The Client Experience Team will work in partnership with you to ensure that you are getting the most you can out of enableHR.  You can contact the team for technical support, general enquiries, training needs and/or other configuration requests.

Client Experience can be contacted at or on 1300 453 514 for AUS and 0800 236 2253 for NZ. 

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