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Micropay/Meridian API - How to Manage Payroll Staging (Candidate Records) through enableHR


The below article summarises how clients can manage payroll staging through Micropay/Meridian and enableHR.  For an overview of the purpose of payroll staging, please refer to this article.


PART 1 -  Start with the Recruitment & On-Boarding Checklists

HR Manager initiates the "Interview and Shortlist Candidates" checklist from within enableHR to select the successful candidates.


HR Manager then on-boards the successful candidates through the ''Pre-Employment Documentation Workflow'' checklist. 


At the end of the Pre-employment Documentation Workflow (step 17.02), the system will prompt the user to "Send the candidate/new employee to Payroll Staging". Completing this step will also automatically complete the checklist.



PART 2 - Go to Payroll Staging


The user will then need to navigate to the "Payroll Staging" section by selecting "Actions" in the top right hand corner of the screen and then selecting "Payroll Staging".  Please Note: Only users with the Payroll Staging role can access this option.


PART 3 - Select the Staged Records


Depending on your Meridian set up, the Meridian API will require some of the following data be added or selected for each staged record. (as a minimum)


  • EmpCode (enter)


  • Surname (pulled from the record, not editable in this screen)
  • Location (Select)
  • PayrollCompany (Select)
  • PayPoint (Select)
  • Click ‘Update’ once all items are completed (may be multiple records)
  • Click ‘Update’ once all items are completed (may be multiple records)



PART 4 - Send "Batch" to Meridian


Once your updates are saved, the records will no longer be shown in the ‘Staged Records’ section and a new batch will appear (titled as the day and time the batch was created)

Select the relevant "batch".

Click ‘'Send batch to Meridian” to parse the record data to your Meridian Payroll Database.

PLEASE NOTE: Once this step is completed, batches that sit in the Payroll Staging screen are kept there for auditing purposes. They cannot be deleted. They will not reach Meridian unless the "Send batch to Meridian" button is pressed.



PART 5 - Payroll Staging

The HR Manager starts the staging process to transfer the candidate’s data into Meridian.

Please see this article for the full list of fields sent to Meridian: Meridian Field Details


PART 6 - Meridian 


The data is sent to Meridian and will sit in the "Implementation" screen. Payroll can choose to
either "accept" or "deny" the new data.

Once accepted, the candidate is automatically added to the Meridian database as an
employee with its own unique employee ID number.


PART 7 - enableHR


The data is then pushed to enableHR where the new employee data from Meridian is input
into enableHR. Thus, enableHR will automatically merge the candidate record with the new
employee record to become the one record. The employee record should always have the
same ID number as the Meridian ID. If there are any discrepancies in the ID number, the
system will create duplicate records.


On-Going Meridian & enableHR Updates

  • Meridian syncs with enableHR to update the employee records every 3 hours;

  • Terminations must be initiated from Meridian (as the source of truth). The status of the
    record will then be pushed into enableHR to terminate the relevant record;

  • enableHR and Meridian will push updated personal data between the systems that is updated either through Meridian's self service, enableHR's self service or the main core enableHR application.



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