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Got a feature request for enableHR? Submit it through our Forum!


enableHR wants to hear about your product suggestions and improvement requests!

At enableHR we are really interested in suggestions about how you think we can improve the product. We’ve got a forum specifically to capture your ideas. The forum also allows you to view, vote and comment on other’s suggestions and they can vote on yours.

While we are interested in your suggested solution, it is really valuable for us to understanding the reasons behind your suggestion. Understanding why you want the change or what problem you are trying to overcome is really what helps us the most.

We will be responding to the requests on this board and provide answers or ask questions to get a better understanding of the request. And while we do take our client feedback seriously, we won’t be able to promise all of the requested features will be added to enableHR.

Where can you find the forum?

Your can access the product suggestion forum at the following URL:          

You can also access the forum from directly within the enableHR product by simply selecting ‘Suggest a feature’ from the 'Get Help' drop down menu in the top right-hand corner.

We encourage you to review the suggestions already raised by others - You can respond with comments and can also register your support for an idea by voting.



How can you submit  new suggestion?

To raise a new suggestion simply select ‘New Post’.

Remember it is important to describe the desired suggestion but also provide as much information about why and the problem this change would improve.




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