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Employee Record and their virtual HR Folder


enableHR is software used to securely manage employees throughout their time at a company.

Each Employee Record has its own, secure, virtual HR folder, where all notes, tasks and documents related to that person is stored, whether these items are manually created, uploaded or generated through our checklists and templates.



Employee Records are stored in the 'Employee Management' module, under the 'Employees' tab.  Once you are in this tab, it will list all current employees.

Please note that it will list all records stored under the branch you are currently in within enableHR. It will also only list the records you have access to according to your roles and permissions.  


To view records within other branches or to view non-current / terminated records, untick the 'this branch only' and 'current records only' check boxes.



The Employee Record contains a set of important tabs, each with a specific function. The name of each tab shows the sort of information and functions that are available under it. 

TIP: Depending on the customisation of your account, or the different integrations in place, you might see a slightly different list of tabs than those shown in the example.


✓ Details: This tab stores all of the employee’s personal, emergency contact and job details.

✓ Documents: This tab stores all relevant HR documents related to the employee.

✓ Notes: This tab stores important details such as work-related changes, emails sent to the employee via the system, and reminders and observations regarding the employee’s performance.

✓ Training: This tab stores all relevant information about the employee's assigned Competencies

✓ Performance Reviews: This tab stores information about the employee's assigned Key Result Areas and any Performance Reviews

✓ Objectives and Development: This tab stores an employee’s short and long-term personal and professional objectives. These can be identified during a performance review period or at any stage during the employee's lifecycle at your business.

✓ Checklists: This tab stores all checklists that were launched at any stage during the
employee's lifecycle.

✓ Alerts: This tab stores all alerts relating to the employee.



When you upload documents to an employee's record, you can categorise the document by specifying the Document Type. The Document Type will determine which users can access the document, either in the management portal or through eSS. 

Only certain Document Types will be visible to the employee through eSS, you can see a list of them here



For Management Users, some Document Types are restricted by User Access Roles. For example, there is a Document Type of Sensitive, only Users with the applicable Access Role will be able to see a document saved as this type on the employee record. 



Notes that are added to the Employee Record can be set to Sensitive. Only Users with the applicable Access Role will be able to see notes that have been marked as Sensitive.

Employees do not see any Notes on their Employee Record, unless you have turned the Note into a Task and assigned it to the employee in eSS. 

Your User Access permissions also determine which types of records you’re permitted to view, manage and control. If you can’t view or access the worker records you need, please contact your enableHR Administrator.



To view other types of records, go to:

  • For candidate records, go to the 'Candidates' tab under the 'Employee Management' module
  • For contractor records, go to the 'Contractors' tab under the 'Contractor Management' module
  • For volunteer records, go to the 'Volunteers' tab under the 'Volunteer Management' module

The tabs and information under these types of worker records will vary slightly.


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