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How can I generate an Independent Contractor Agreement?


Documents are created through the completion of workflows and checklists to ensure that your business is compliant and meets best practice standards.

As you work through any of the checklists within enableHR, the system will prompt you to create relevant employment documents at appropriate stages in the process. 

How to generate an Independent Contractor Agreement

1.  Go to the 'Contractor Management' module, which is located in the panel on the left hand side of the screen.

2.  Click on the 'Contractor Engagement' workflow tab.  

3.  Select the 'Initiate a Contractor Engagement Checklist'.  

 Select the relevant contractor record.  You will be prompted to input the details of the contractor if you haven't already entered these into the enableHR system.


5.  Answer all questions listed in the checklist. To utilise enableHR's legal templates, select 'Generating from template' under step 1.01.  

6.  Under step 1.03, you will then be prompted to 'Create an Independent Contractor Agreement using our template'.  Select the 'Create' button and then 'Create a new document'.


You will then be prompted to answer a series of questions.  All answers input into enableHR will automatically be populated within the contract once this process is complete.  The contract will also automatically source all relevant details about the contractor stored against their worker record and input them into the agreement (such as name, address etc).

Once all answers have been completed, you can 'Preview' the contract or can simply select 'Next'.  Selecting 'Next' will take you back to the checklist so that you can complete the remaining steps.  

9.  The Independant Contractor Agreement is automatically stored against the checklist and the contractor's worker record.  You can 'Download' or 'Email' the contract depending on your preferred communication methods.

 You might like to consider also completing the 'Commence ICA Bona Fide Test' checklist to ensure it is a "bona fide" independent contractor arrangement, and not a relationship of employee/employer.  This checklist is a short series of questions about various elements of the independent contractor arrangement you wish to enter into, with the answers indicating if it is a true independent contracting arrangement.



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