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How can enableHR be configured to suit my business needs?


enableHR is a cloud-based HR and Safety management system that provides businesses with access to compliant information, advice and best-practice guidance on all Australian and New Zealand employment law matters.  The core enableHR platform delivers a broad range of HR and Safety management solutions that are common across varying industries and business types and sizes.

enableHR also recognises the need for businesses to customise and configure their core enableHR account to strategically align with their own unique business processes which underpin the management of their workforce and Workplace, Health and Safety obligations. enableHR therefore offers a wide range of configurable elements which will allow businesses the scope to tailor the solution to best suit their organisation and processes.

A configured enableHR account provides an even greater return on investment as businesses reap the rewards from a purpose-built tool specific to their industry and unique organisational objectives. 

What aspects of enableHR can be configured to suit my business needs?

Please see below for a list of items that enableHR's Implementations team configure on a regular basis:

  • Templates (Contracts, Letters, Policies, Guides and/or other documents)
  • Checklists and Menu Items
  • Tabs
  • Custom Fields
  • Note Categories and Topics
  • Security Roles

Configuration is delivered by enableHR's Implementations team who work in partnership with businesses to identify their HR and Safety needs and scope out their requirements prior to building and customising their enableHR account according to their instructions.

For an understanding on how to approach the configuration process, please see our article 'What factors should be considered when seeking enableHR configuration?'

If you would like to learn more about how enableHR can be configured to meet your business requirements, Contact Us or give us a call on 1300 453 514 (AUS) or 0800 236 2253 (NZ).

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