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Lead Safety Checklists


Checklists in the 'Lead Safety' workflow menu are only available to users who have the 'WHS Administrator' role.  Please refer to the 'WHS Module Access and Roles' article for more information.

These checklists are generally completed as part of a business' set-up process for their safety management system - Please refer to the 'Setting Up Workplace, Health and Safety Policies and Procedures' checklist.  Businesses may be required to complete these checklists at appropriate intervals (for example, every few years) as part of a legal review requirement or when a new site is established.




To access a checklist from the 'Lead Safety' checklist workflows:

1.  Select 'Settings' on the top right hand of the screen, and click 'Account Settings'.

2.  Select the 'Account Record' tab.


Please find additional information about the tabs within the 'Account Record' tab:

  • 'Documents' Tab - Lists any documents created using a Lead Safety checklist;
  • 'Notes' Tab - Lists any notes or reminders created using a Lead Safety checklist;
  • 'Checklists' Tab - List any checklists that were initiated from the Lead Safety workflow menu options;
  • 'Alerts' Tab - Lists any alerts created from a Lead Safety checklist.



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