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Configuration - Security Roles


Configuration is delivered by enableHR's Implementations team who work in partnership with businesses to identify their HR and Safety needs and scope out their requirements and instructions prior to building and customising their enableHR account.  Before commencing the configuration process, businesses need to consider a range of factors as set out in the following article:  What factors should be considered when seeking enableHR configuration?

enableHR’s user access is determined by a complex system of compounding security roles which control what a user is able see and do. A user’s available functionality is controlled by having one or more security roles assigned to them.

Clients can have their own custom account roles. What can be configured is totally dependent on a business' requirements. Every case is different so it is better to have a discussion with an Implementation Consultant to scope out your requirements and provide the best possible solution.


In the case where you wish to put further controls on whether or not a user can see certain tabs, record types or document types, you can request a customised security role to be created for you.

Additionally, some functions in the system allow you to restrict notifications to specific security roles. In the case where certain users are required to receive notifications, we can also make a role with no additional access to the system specifically for the purpose of receiving notifications.

If you would like to learn more about how enableHR can be configured to meet your requirements, please contact enableHR's Client Experience team at

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