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Manage Safety Checklists


Checklists in the 'Manage Safety' workflow menu cover the operational processes of Workplace, Health and Safety management and can be accessed by users who have the 'WHS Management' role.  Please refer to the 'WHS Module Access and Roles' article for more information.




The 'Health Monitoring Process' checklist can only be viewed and run by users who have the 'WHS Health Surveillance' role.  If the user has not been assigned with that role, this option will not appear to them at all.  This role should be restricted to select users due to the highly sensitive and confidential nature of the information contained in this checklist. 

All the checklists in 'Manage Safety' are linked to another record. For example, Incident checklist is linked to the Incident that was reported and the Hazard checklist is linked to the Hazard that was reported.

The only exception is the 'Risk Register Review' checklist.  When initiated, this checklist can be accessed via the 'Account Record' under 'Account Settings'.




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