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Applicant Portal - Overview


enableHR can help organisations to improve their recruitment processes through the use of enableHR's Applicant Portal.

The Applicant Portal is feature that is used to streamline the collection of job applications. It is an account-specific applicant page that can be embedded as a link in job advertisements or on your website. 

Applicants can submit their resumes via the link by completing a form and uploading any relevant documentation.  All submissions are automatically submitted directly into core enableHR as new candidates thereby significantly reducing administrative time.

From there, candidates can then be managed and converted into employees via the following 'pre-employment checklists:

  • 'Interview & Shortlist Candidates' checklist - Manage the Interview and Shortlisting process for a preferred Candidate

  • 'Pre-Employment Documentation' checklist (incorporates Self Service steps) - Manage the creation, delivery and return of contractual documents for successful candidates

Below are the considerations prior to setting up the Applicant Portal:

  • Default branch where the candidate record will be created
  • After the candidate record is created, you have an option to create a task to notify users with the relevant role (e.g. Notification - New candidate created through SEEK or the Applicant Portal), or not create a task

Link to the Applicant Portal

Once the 'Approval to Recruit' checklist has been completed, businesses may wish to create a job advertisement in your preferred Applicant Tracking System and insert a link to enableHR's Applicant Portal.

For example, businesses like to include the Applicant Portal link either:

  • on their company website under a 'Careers' page; and/or
  • within job advertisements posted on online employment marketplaces such as SEEK. 

Please note that some job search websites will allow candidates to click on the live link to your Applicant Portal however some websites will require the candidate to copy and paste the link into a new browser in order to access your Applicant Portal (as SEEK requires).

Creation of a Candidate record

Once an applicant submits their details via the Applicant Portal, a new Candidate Record will be created in the ‘Candidates’ tab of the default branch of enableHR. A note will be saved on the candidate record, indicating that the record was "Created via applicant portal".



Clients can request configuration of the Applicant Portal to include additional fields of the following type:

1.        Dates relevant to the application

1.        Drop Down selectables

2.        Free text single line

3.        Free Text multiple lines

4.        Document uploads (i.e. Resume)

5.        Conditional options based upon the items selected in the above




Configuration of enableHR comes at an additional cost. For more information, please contact the Client Services Team





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