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What actions trigger which alerts?


When you are subscribed to an alert, you start receiving emails about these alert types.

The system will then match that with all users that subscribed to alerts and email is sent to them (if the email option is ticked in your 'Alert Subscriptions' screen)

There are 4 types of alerts that can be set against various record types:
Record Alerts
• Document Alerts
• Check List Alerts
• Training & Qualifications Alerts

Of the above alert types, the following actions will trigger alerts for which you may be subscribed to:


Record Alerts

These are alerts relating to record types i.e. employees, candidates, hazards etc. A record alert is created when:

  • it nears a week, 3 days or a day before the set end date of an online performance review for a record.
  • When a task is created for a record to action in eSS.
  • When notes are created/updated and have been associated with a reminder.
  • When creating birthday reminders for existing records.
  • When creating employee – birthday reminders based on his/her date of birth or probation period end reminders.


Document Alerts

These are alerts relating to documents uploaded to the system

. A document related alert is created when:

  • a document is uploaded and has an expiry date specified.
  • document expiry date is updated.


Checklist Alerts

These are alerts relating to certain steps within our standardized checklists.

A checklist related alert is created when:

  • Completing a checklist step that has a notification set i.e. approvals.


Present Training & Qualifications Alerts

These are alerts relating to competencies assigned to any records.

A training and qualifications alert is created:

  • 3-months prior the expiry date of the competency.
  • When the competency is one month away from expiring.
  • On the day that the competency is set to expire.

There is an automatic check in the system that checks all competencies against their set expiry dates and sends the email out.

Please note: this system is only designed to notify the user subscribed to these alerts. We currently do not have the functionality to inform employees when their qualifications expire.


Acknowledging Alerts

Once any alerts have been triggered, they will need to be acknowledged from within the system by going into the 'Alerts' tab and clicking 'Ok' for the triggered alert.

If the 'Alerts' tab isn't regularly checked and cleared out, the system does have a regular scheduled task to send out 'Automatic Reminder' emails to remind you that one or more of your subscribed alerts have been triggered. 


Info: Alerts set to send out every hour for the subscribed users.


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