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Role Overview - Limited User Tabs Only


This role will allow users to only see the employment related tabs. Users assigned with this role will have no access to employee or candidate files. This role is typically assigned to users who still need access to the enableHR system but shouldn't be allowed to see other candidate/employee details or sensitive information.

The below table shows what a user with this role can do with various document types. Note if a document type does not appear in this list then the user with only this role will not be able to see it.

Documents Types approve create delete update upload view
Other Document            


The below table shows which tabs in enableHR the user with this role will be able to see, and if they can upload documents to this tab. Note if a tab is not in this list then it cannot be seen by a user with only this role.

Tabs Show Upload
Default: /Awards & Wages [enablehr]    
Default: /Awards & Wages/Awards [enablehr]    
Default: /Awards & Wages/EBAs [enablehr]    
Default: /Awards & Wages/FAQs [enablehr]    
Default: /Awards & Wages/NES [enablehr]    
Default: /Awards & Wages/Wages [enablehr]    
Default: /Policies [enablehr]    


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