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Branches - Overview



Branches are how enableHR separates and organises Employee Records. Put simply,
branches are set up in enableHR to mirror your organisation’s structure. Branches are
central to your enableHR account because they structure the relationship between your
managers, your employees and the HR documentation you upload or generate from our
legally compliant templates.

enableHR uses two types of branches:

  1. Legal entity branches are used when the name of the branch needs to appear on
    documents generated by the system, such as a contract or a letter for instance.
  2. Department / group branches sit below a legal entity and are used to reflect the
    organisation’s structure. Typically, they represent locations or departments/teams.
    For instance, "Operations", "Sales", "New South Wales" or "Auckland" would operate
    under the parent legal entity / company.

The top branch (parent company) will always be setup as a legal entity

A branch can have an unlimited number of sub-branches. Sub-branches can
be linked to one and only one parent branch.


How many ‘branches’ can I setup?

As many as you need!


How can I create or update my ‘branches’?

Creating or updating your branch structure is nice and simple.  All you need to do is follow these instructions.



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