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Checklist/Workflow Analysis


What does this report do?

This report produces a number of views on the status of various checklist across your account



How would a client use it?

Checklists are a key element of the workflow oriented approach to the Employee Lifecycle Management found in enableHR.

Each checklist manages a particular task related to a record (ie. Employee, Candidate, Volunteer, Hazard, Accident/Incident).  

The reports offered in the 'Checklist/Workflow Analysis' set allow you to look at a specific checklist and look at the following:

  1. List all checklists raised (regardless of status)
  2. List all complete checklists
  3. List all incomplete checklists
  4. List by specific items (select items/steps within a checklist that you wish to review)

Additionally, these reports can be further filtered by:

  1. Checklist name
  2. Period the checklist was last updated (Created, Adjusted or Closed)
  3. Specific branches (or via your entire organisation)

For example, you could use this report to understand how many employee induction checklists had been completed or left incomplete for January, or how many request to recruit checklists had been completed for March.



Generation Screen





Sample of Generated Report - All Checklists





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