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Checklists Completed Report


What does this report do?

This report provides a breakdown of checklists completed over a period of time.

This report can be generated in the following formats:

  1. csv (excel based)
  2. html (web page)



How would a client use it?

Checklists are a key element of the workflow oriented approach to the Employee Lifecycle Management found in enableHR.

Each checklist manages a particular task related to a record (ie. Employee, Candidate, Volunteer, Hazard, Accident/Incident).  

The report allows you to look at a specific checklist and understand how many times that checklist has been completed for a specific period of time.

For example, you could use this report to understand how many employee induction checklists had been completed for January, or how many request to recruit checklists had been completed for March.



Generation Screen





Sample of Generated Report



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