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Updating Training and Qualifications in eSS


The Training & Qualifications section contains the details of any competencies that are required for your role or by your organisation.

You have the ability to update the details of the competencies assigned to you and also add competencies to your profile. The status will always be displayed next to the competency.

To update a competency:

  1. In eSS, go to Me > Training & qualifications
  2. Select the competency you would like to update
  3. Select ‘Update this competency’     


3. Select one of the options that best describes the competency's status

4. When updating a competency you have the following options:

  • Attach a document to support this competency (e.g. copy of a certificate)
  • Add/Remove/Change the completion or expiry dates
  • Add/Remove/Change the details of the issuer

5. Click Update this competency to save the change/s


After submitting changes, a message will display confirming your request to make changes. A notification will be sent to your HR team requesting they review your changes and either approve or reject the change.

You will be notified when your HR team have approved or rejected your change.


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