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How does Payroll Staging work?


Currently, Payroll Staging is only available if you use Micropay/Meridian for your payroll system. 

Payroll staging allows you to send a successful candidate's details from enableHR to a staging area for Payroll to review. Once Payroll is satisfied that all necessary information and documentation (tax declaration form, Superannuation, etc.) has been received and approved, they can send the candidate data through to Micropay/Meridian.

Payroll can then import the new employee data back into enableHR once they have entered it in Micropay/Meridian, and the candidate will be automatically converted into an employee.

This process ensures that payroll has been informed and has approved the candidate as an employee before they are officially converted to an employee in enableHR.  

Users with the Payroll Staging role  will have the ability to push candidate data to Micropay/Meridian, and a "Payroll Staging'' button will be available to them from the Actions tab:




For instructions on how to manage payroll staging, refer to this article:  Meridian API - How to manage payroll staging.



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