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Do you offer data extraction?


If you'd like to export the data managed in enableHR, we offer a data extraction option for a one-off fee. If you are interested, you can contact the enableHR team at

Data extraction produces a zip file of documents and CSVs that can be readily imported by other systems or viewed directly on a shared drive.

The Zip file output contains a folder for each employee/record.

Each folder includes:

  • A copy of every document in the employee/record's profile, and every version of those documents 
  • A PDF audit report (as per Record Audit report)
  • A PDF copy of checklists

The Zip does not contain other internal metadata. Customers need to provide enableHR with a secure sharepoint drive or suitable location to provide the Zip file.    The Zip file is password protected with the password provide separately to the nominated contact.




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