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enableHR's All-Inclusive Model: How can I keep my worker data up-to-date?


As part of enableHR's 'all-inclusive' model, the subscription pricing is dependent upon the number of current workers in your enableHR account.  Each month enableHR will charge a subscription fee based on the highest number of active workers stored within enableHR for that month.  It is therefore important to ensure that your data is up-to-date at all times. 'Worker' records include employees, contractors and volunteers.

enableHR empowers organisations to check current utilisation of worker records at any time without the need to contact Client Experience.  

How to check the current number of workers within your enableHR account?

Users with Account Admin access have the permissions required to review the current number of worker records stored within your enableHR account.

1.  Go to 'Account Settings' and select the 'Commercial' tab.

Under this tab, select the 'Payment Information' tab which display either of the following views:

View prior to transition to new 'all-inclusive' model



View after successful transition to new 'all-inclusive' model




It is best practice to review the detail under the 'Payment Information' tab at least 1 week prior to your next billing date.  This will give you the opportunity to proactively update your worker record data to ensure it is accurately reflects the size of your workforce.


3.  If you would like to review the list of individuals that make up the total worker record count, you can generate the Record Export CSV Report.

4.  If you then need to update the status of certain worker records, please follow these instructions.  Changing the status of a record to either 'Terminated' or 'Completed' will avoid your organisation being charged for these records in your next monthly bill.



You may also refer to article: How do I add test workers to enableHR and not be charged?



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