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Linking records to multiple branches


Any record (e.g. employee, volunteer, and contractor), can be linked to multiple branches. As an example, if there's an employee who is associated with two branches, rather than creating another employee record, the record can be linked to multiple branches.

Only a user with 'MultiBranch Per Record" role can link / unlink records to multiple branches. Please contact the Client Experience Team to get this role allocated for you.

NOTE: Linking a record does not change the main branch of a record. The assigned branch of a record remains the same. (To transfer a record to a different branch, please see this article).

How to activate multibranch?

  • Add the MultiBranch user role to your user profiles
  • Contact CS team to activate the feature under your account details

How this works with your worker records (employee/contractor/volunteer)

  • Allows users to link one employee/contractor/volunteer with >1 branch
    • Provides your manager users access to see the employees that are linked to the branch in which the manager has access
    • Example: John manager of Sydney branch needs to see Jill who’s primary branch is in Melbourne, by linking Jill’s employee record with the Sydney branch, John will be able to now see Jill’s record and update as needed
  • Allows eSS users to select more than one location/branch when logging WHS incidents/hazards from within their self service account
    • Example: By linking Jill’s employee record to both Sydney and Melbourne branches, this allows Jill to submit a WHS incident or hazard in either the Melbourne or Sydney branch
  • Allows the worker to access to the branch/location specific policies from any linked branch
    • Example: By linking Jill’s record to Sydney and Melbourne branches, Jill can now review the HR/WHS policies

How this works for your WHS register items?

This works in a similar way to the records

  • Allows users to link one register item to be viewable with >1 branch
    • Provides your manager/employee self service users access to see the register item for any of the branches 
    • Example: There is a register item that is applicable to both Sydney and Melbourne branches, by linking the one register item to the Sydney and Melbourne branches, manager users and self service users in these branches (with the required access) will be able to view the register item in this branch

I use the organisational chart restriction tool, how does this work for me?

  • As you will know from this article (link), if you have the organisational chart restrictions active your manager users will only be able to see the employees that report directly to them. This means that your manager users will not be able to see any employee records that fall outside of their reporting line.
    • Example: Using Jill’s example above, this means that the administrator/HR user needs to move Jill in the organisational chart to fall under the correct manager when Jill is working in the secondary location

Below are the steps:

1. Open a record

2. Click "Link/Unlink another branch" from the More Actions box on the right hand side 


3. Tick / Untick the branches and click "Submit"



4. Once done, ''Linked Branch/s:'' can be seen in the Details box on the bottom right hand side of a record


5. Below shows how an employee record with linked branches will show up from the list of employees in the "Employees" tab:




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