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Key Questions as Conversation Starters for Prospective Clients


There are some key questions that you can ask prospective clients that will hopefully lead to meaningful conversations as to how enableHR can benefit their business. 



"How do you currently manage your on-boarding process for new starters?"

This is usually an admin heavy task and an area that businesses want to streamline. Depending on if you are talking to the owner of the business or the staff member that carries out the on-boarding of new starters, you will be able to demonstrate how enableHR and eSS can simplify the process. 


"Do you collect all the necessary documentation to ensure you are being compliant?" 

The in-built checklist will guide you through the steps to ensure you ask new starters for all necessary documentation.


Employee Records

"How do you currently store your employee records?"

In a filing cabinet, on a spreadsheet etc  - centralised record management means employees files are accessible online at any time.


Employee Details

"How do employees advise you when they need to update their personal details?" 

Employees can access and update their own details through eSS at any time. 



"Do you have policies in place and are they up to date?"

"Are your employees able to access the Company Policies?"

Not only can employees access the Company Policies 24/7 through eSS, when you update them you can ask employees to acknowledge that they have seen the updated policies. 


Misconduct or Poor Performance

"Have you ever had a misconduct or poor performance issue within the business?"

If the business answers yes, you can ask if they knew what process to follow to ensure they were handling it in the correct manner and if their managers would all know the process to manage it consistently across the business. 

If they answer no, you can ask if they would know what to do. enableHR has checklists for managing the processes around both misconduct and poor performance, ensuring they act appropriately to manage the situation. 


Fair Work Statement (Australia)

"Do you get employees to confirm that they have read the Fair Work Statement?"

The business will most likely answer yes. 

"How do you track that an employee has confirmed this?"

This leads to explaining the benefit of eSS and being able to track that an employee has acknowledged the documents that have been sent to them. 




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