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The WHYs behind buying enableHR


By looking at WHY clients purchase enableHR, it can help you structure your conversations with other prospective clients. 


Some of the top reasons that clients choose to purchase enableHR:


1. Centralised worker records and management

2. Library of legally backed content and legislatively compliant checklists

3. Easy management for multi-site/multi-location business (cloud access)

4. First HRIS for the business

5. User friendly interface making it simple for both HR and non-HR users to navigate

6. eSS - workers have access to HR/WHS relevant documents, candidate on-boarding, logging of hazards/incidents, policy change acknowledgement

7. OPR - Flexible Online Performance Reviews

8. Integrated WHS assisting with centralised record keeping and management of safety

9. Accountability for Managers with access to predefined processes

10. Standardised workflows

11. Larger organisations - decentralise day to day transactions to managers

12. Growing businesses - satisfies the requirement to implement consistent processes

13. Cloud based - local hosting and service

14. Reporting functionality and ability to report across multiple legal entities and business units

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