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enableHR Demo Set Up for Partners: 7 - Demo enable Self Service (eSS)


To do the demo for enable Self Service (eSS), open a new window so you can switch between enableHR and eSS. If you have completed the ‘Pre-employment Documentation Workflow (eSS)’, you will have already demonstrated some functionality of eSS, you may not need to complete all the steps below. 


1. Send a Self Service Message (enableHR)

Send a Policy that you created in section five to all employees and ask for it to be acknowledged.

2. Overview of eSS as your champion employee (eSS)

Give an overview of the icons.

  • Noticeboard

    Acknowledge the policy that you sent as an eSS message.  

  • Inbox

View the task that you assigned to the employee.

  • Me

- Details – Update Phone number 
- T & Q - Add a competency that you created in section two
- My documents – Employee can see their docs
- My Development plan, this can be updated by the employee throughout the year, not just at 
  performance review time

  • My Organisation
    - General docs - any document saved as a particular type will apper here 
    - Policies
    - WHS Policies

  • My Safety
    - Incidents

 3. Review changes made by an employee (enableHR)

  1. Go to Self Service Approvals tab
  2. Review the change


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