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enableHR Demo Set Up for Partners: 5 - Prior to a demo


Prior to a demo, it will be best to:


1. Get an idea of what your client us looking for

Ask discovery questions to ascertain their requirements, opportunite, challenges and pain points establishing what they are wanting to achieve, plan your demo accordingly.


2. Initiate some steps that you will complete in the demo

To avoid running out of time in your demo, initiate some steps that you can complete during the demo. If you know in advance which areas your client is most interested in looking at, initiate steps in other areas so you have more time to focus on their area of interest during the demo.

Below are suggested steps to complete prior to a demo, you will need to tailor them depending on how you are wanting to run your demo.


  • Choose candidate who you entered an alias email address for and initiate the ‘Pre-employment Documentation Workflow (eSS)’.  Complete steps 1.01-3.01, you will save a lot of time if you have already created the Employment Contract. Wait until the demo to send this to the candidate and to complete the other steps. 

  • Choose at least one employee who isn’t your champion, login to their eSS account and complete some tasks that will require approvals, for example:

      - Update personal details
      - Update emergency contact details
      - Add a competency

  • Commence the Employee Induction Checklist for one of the employees, complete a few steps that will speed you up if your client requests to see this checklist in the demo.
  • Familiarise yourself with the other checklists, run through some of them with your other employees
  • Initiate and complete Perform ace Reviews for some of the employees other than your champion. When you log into OPR as your champion manager, you will then be able to see the different stages. 



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