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enableHR Demo Set Up for Partners: 4 - Populate the Account


You will need to populate your demo account to be able to show it effectively, use the points below to get you started. The more you have in your demo account, the better it will look to prospective clients. 


1. Candidates

Add a couple of candidates with alias email addresses, if you are using the Applicant Portal you could enter them using the link applicable to your demo account.

For one of your candidates, choose a position title where they will report to the user you created in section two, this candidate will become your main champion employee. Initiate and complete the ‘Pre-employment Documentation Workflow (eSS)’ for this candidate. You will need to access eSS as this candidate to complete this task.

2.  Champion Employees

You should always have a couple of employees who you champion and complete their profiles in full. The candidate that you converted to an employee in the previous step is your main champion employee.

For your second champion, create a champion manager. For your manager you will need to create an employee using the details of the User you created in section two, including the alias email address you used. Register this employee for eSS and select ‘Use my existing enableHR account’ so the system connects the eSS user with their admin user profile.

By creating one champion employee who reports to your other champion employee/manager (who is also the admin user), you will be able to demo the OPR functionality effectively.

Complete the employee profiles for both of your champions with as much detail as you can, including;

In the Employee File:

  • Details
    - Employee Details
    - Emergency Contact
    - Employee photo

  • Documents
    - This will have been populated with some documents from the previous steps, add additional documents if required

  • Training
    - Assign a Role – this could be the generic one you created for all employees
    - Add a competency – make sure there are other competencies you can add at a later stage during   
      your demo

  • Performance Reviews
    - Manage group assignments – add the applicable groups that you already created
    - Manage individual KRA’s – add a couple of individual ones


 3. Employees

Enter at least 10 employees in addition to your champion employees, you do not need to complete their full profiles. You could use the Employee Import functionality to upload multiple employees at once using our import template. 

For these employees, ensure you have completed their Name, Employee ID, Position Title and Employment Type as these show on the main screen. For some of the employees, use an alias email address and register them for eSS, record who you have done this for in your spreadsheet.


 4. Add a Modern Award (For Australia)

Select a couple of different Modern Awards.


 5. Create a Policy

Create the suite of policies from the templates in st system.


 6. Add General Docs

Add a couple of documents of different types. For example you could add ‘Our Guide to Payroll’ as an ESSDOC so it will show in your employee’s eSS account. You could add a ‘Schedule of Delegations’ as a DOC to show that it will not show in the employee’s eSS account if it is not a specified Document Type.

 7. Complete a Grievance or Complaint Investigation

Don’t use your champion employee for the grievance investigation.

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