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enableHR Demo Set Up for Partners: 2 - First Steps


Below are steps which will serve as the foundation of your demo account:


1. Create an email address

We recommend that you create an email address that you use solely for enableHR demos. This will enable you to show the inbox to your client when required throughout the demo. The best way to do this is with a provider who allows you to create alias email addresses such as Gmail.

You will only need to create one email address and you can use a different alias for each employee or candidate that you create in your account e.g.,, etc. This will assist you with demonstrating the functionality of eSS and OPR effectively.

Within your inbox, to keep it nice and tidy you could set up folders for; Approval to recruit, Document expiry reminders, Employee management, Performance management, position requests, Pre-employment, Tasks, Termination, Training reminders, WHS reminders & notifications.


2. Create a folder on your favourites bar for the enableHR URLs

  • Access the webpages quickly and easily when you’re in your demo:

    enableHR Login – |
    eSS Login – |
    eSS Registration Link- This will be specific to your demo account
    Applicant Portal For now, you will need to request this from our Client Experience Team
    Knowledge Base -


3. Create a spreadsheet to record information about your demo account

Record the candidates and employees who have active email addresses that you can use to demo, record their passwords here if necessary. This will assist you so you don’t try and use the same alias for more than one employee or candidate.


4. Create a folder on your desktop for any documents you want to use during the demo

For example, documents to upload against competencies, First Aid, Driving License, Position Descriptions etc.

Click here to access some documents that have been pre-prepared for you to use in your demo account. 



Next Steps: Account & Administration Settings


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