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enableHR Demo Set Up for Partners: 1 - Overview


These articles are intended as a guide to assist Partners in preparing their enableHR demo account so you can effectively demonstrate the capabilities of enableHR. The demo account should be set up so it accurately reflects the experience a user would have in a genuine account.

Each demo that a Partner provides to a client will vary depending on what the client’s requirements are. Before providing a demo to the client, ensure you have spoken with them to find out why they want a demo of enableHR. Use your client's requirements including opportunities, challenges and pain points to guide your focus throughout the demo.

Please note that these articles have not been written as a training guide. Where relevant, you will see links throughout the articles to other KB articles to assist with training on particular areas. Keep an eye out for the hyperlinked words.

These articles are intended as a demo guide and include some of the main functionality of enableHR, not all functionality has been included. You will need to tailor what you include based on the individual requirements of the client you are providing the demo for.  


Each section below provides detailed instructions and will guide Partners through creating a demo account:


1. First Steps

2. Account & Administration Settings

3. Populate the Account

4. Prior to a Demo

5. Demo Employee Management

6. Demo eSS

7. Demo OPR

We have also created a series of document templates that you can use to assist with populating your enableHR demo account. We hope that this will assist you to get your demo account up and running quickly and efficiently.  Click on the link below to access the documents. 


enableHR Demo Setup for Partners - Template Documents


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