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eSS Messages - How to send messages and documents to eSS Users (eg Employee, Candidates, Volunteers)


Self Service Messaging allows you to broadcast messages and attach existing documents to your eSS Users (eg Employees, Candidates, Contractors or Volunteers) through eSS.


Self Service Messaging can be accessed by going to:

Actions > Self Service Messaging





The messages are separated between two tabs: Current Messages and Expired Messages.





How to create a new message

To create a new message:

  1. Click on the "Create Message" button





 2. Select the branches for the message. You can select "All branches" or a selection of one or more branches.





3 - Select the Record Type (eg Employee, Candidate) to whom you wish to send the message.





  1. Enter a "Subject" for the message.

  2. Enter the body of the message.

  3. If you require the employee to Acknowledge the message, select the "Acknowledgement" checkbox   eSS_Admin_-_How_to_send_bulk_Messages_to_eSS_Users__eg_Employee__Candidates__Volunteers_6.png

  4. Set an expiration date for the message.  After this date, the message will only appear in the "Expired Message" tab in Self Service Messaging and will also not show on the eSS user's inbox.

  5. If you want to attach a document to the message, click on the "Attach Documents" tab and select a document to attach. This is done by selecting the  document row. If you wish to attach multiple documents, hold down the Ctrl key whilst selecting each additional document.  When you have finished selecting the attachments, select the "Message Details" tab





8 - Any attachments selected now appear at the bottom of the message under "Attachments"




9 - Preview your message content including any Attachments, Acknowledgement or Expiration settings.


10 - When you are confident the message is complete, select ‘Save’ to broadcast the message to the selected eSS Users.



The message appears on the eSS User's Noticeboard.  If you selected "Acknowledgement", the message will also appear in the eSS user's inbox.




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