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What is the 'Other People' tab / 'Person' record used for?



The 'Other People' tab displayed in the WHS Module is provided so you can track the details of persons that are not employed by your business or not engaged by your business but still important to some aspect of your WHS Management.

This tab contains various 'Other People' (Person) records. 


Why would i need a 'Person' record?

The 'Person' record allows you to gather name, address and other personal details about a person. Such information should only be tracked if relevant to the reason for holding a person record.

The 'Person' record could also allow you to gather information for other parties that are involved in various WHS discussions but are not formally employed or engaged with your business.


Locating the Other People Tab / Person records

When you've logged into enableHR,

  1. Click on the 'WHS Management' module
  2. Click on the 'Other People' tab
  3. Select the relevant person record you want to view





Selecting a Person from within a workflow

The most common use of the 'other' record is to enable you to select / confirm who is impacted by an Incident (AU) or Accident (NZ) when working through the Incident/Accident Management workflow.





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